A Word About Safety

   Anytime you work with tools, especially power tools, there is a certain amount of danger involved. The same can be said for using ladders. While wiring your own house, you will be doing both.

    It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway, be careful! Always wear proper work clothing that provides a decent amount of protection. Always wear gloves and protective eyewear whenever you are working. Always test any wiring and be sure power is off before working on it. Never work on, or leave exposed, any live electrical wiring. Always use tools and ladders in good working condition, and according to the manufactures instructions and warnings.

    On the next page I’ll discuss testers, different types and why you need them. After that we’ll get to a page that has a basic list of tools you should have before you get started. I know it’s tempting to just skip this step; you’re probably excited about your project and ready to get started. Please at least read the section on testers. The other tools you can acquire as you need them, and you’ve probably seen and/or used most of them before. Electrical testers though, can save your life!

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