What's Required?

There is no requirement to have a doorbell, but most people want one. They are pretty simple to install, with just a few rules to follow.

The Transformer:

I recommend using a transformer/chime box. This special type box allows you to mount the transformer for the doorbell/chime directly behind the chime, in the wall, and simplifies the low-voltage wiring. Simply install the rough-in box where you would like your doorbell chime to be.

Line Voltage:

The doorbell transformer will require 120 volt power. You can power it from any circuit that is convenient, as long as it is not a restrictedcircuit. The 120 volt power is installed into the main box, where it connects to the wires coming from the back of the transformer.

Low Voltage

For the low voltage wire, you can use just about any two or more conductor limited energy cable that is listed to be installed inside of a wall and/or ceiling. Thermostat cable and phone cable are a couple that are commonly used.

If you used a kit like the one above, you need only one cable. Install the cable from the doorbell push-button location, to the rough-in box. At the rough-in box, the cable runs in the little groove of the box, between the stud and the box, and through the hole in the front cover, to the transformer compartment. When routing your limited energy cable, keep in mind that it cannot be routed through the same holes or boxes as regular line voltage cables.


Doorbell Button.

On the button you will find two screws. Simply connect one wire from your limited energy cable to each screw. Polarity and/or order does not matter here. If your cable has more than two wires, make a note of which two you used.


At the transformer, you will also find two screws. Once again polarity and/or order does not matter here. Connect one of the wires coming from the doorbell button to one of the screws. Cut a 10-12 inch piece of wire from your limited energy cable, and connect it to the other screw.


At the chime, you will most likely find three screws. They will be labeled "front", "back", and "common" or "power". Connect the second wire from your button to the "front" screw. Connect the wire directly from the transformer to the "common" or "power" screw. If you have a back-door doorbell button, perform all these steps again, but connect the second wire from the back button to the "back" screw, now your chime will have a different tone for the back door.