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Find panel mounting height

There is no minimum height for your electrical panel. There is a maximum. The maximum height is determined by the height of the top-most circuit breaker. The center of the handle (in the up position, if an up-down breaker) must not be above 6'7" from grade or floor. That does not mean you have to set it that high! I usually set my panels at about 6' to the top of the panel. This can vary, though, based on where my knockouts are in the back of my panel. You will need to adjust your height to find a spot at which you can line up a knockout of the proper size in the back of your panel with the nipple you are installing between your meter and panel. Your only limit is the maximum height stated above

Remove the knockout

At this point you will remove the knockout you have lined up with the nipple position in the back of your meter. Remove the same size knockout as the one you removed from the back of the meter (usually 2"). Note: This is also a good time to knock out the 4 little slot shaped knockouts from the sides of the panel if you are flush mounting your panel, these are the holes you will drive screws through to secure it to the studs.

Measure for the nipple length

Hold your panel in place (if you are flush-mounting it, remember to leave the face of it out of the wall enough to match the thickness of your wall covering material) and measure the distance between the back of your panel and the back of your meter cabinet. If you have enough room, you can use a PVC nipple, otherwise you will need to use a threaded GRC nipple. Follow the diagram below to size your nipple.

Install the nipple

Install your nipple into the meter cabinet, secure it with a locknut and install a plastic bushing on the end.

Install the panel

Slide the hole in the panel over the nipple, screw panel in place, install a locknut on the nipple. If you are using PVC, install a plastic bushing. If you are using GRC, install a ground bushing.

Install the feeder conductors

Using two-2/0 copper or 4/0 aluminum conductors, one #1 copper or 2/0 aluminum conductor, install them through the nipple between the panel and meter cabinet. Connect them to the load side lugs in the meter (remember to use some anti-oxidation compound if you're using aluminum conductors).

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