Where to start?

Alright, so you've finished the service, so let's concentrate on the house interior. To simplify this task, I'm going to use a generic example house. While the layout of the house may not be the same, and your house might not have the same rooms or the same number of them, my example house should include all the basic room types that a house would include. I'll walk through these rooms one by one and outline what items are required and how to place them.

Example House


At this stage, I recommend just marking where boxes will go, and what they will be for. Once you complete this step, it is easy to go back through and install all the boxes. So all you need right now is a tape measure and a marking tool (construction crayon, pencil, sharpie marker). Light boxes can be marked on the floor below where they will be. All other items in the walls can be measured and marked on the walls where they will go.

When you're ready, just click on a room in the list to the right to get started.