The Hall

Hall  Entry Hall

Minimum required:


  • One outlet.
    • If your hall is 10 feet or longer, you need at least one outlet, anywhere in the hall.


  • One wall switch controlled light.
    • Your choice of light and switch location.

In my example:

  • Smoke detector.
    • If your hall leads into a bedroom(s), you need a smoke detector.
  • Lights outside entry
    • You need a light outside every entrance/exit door with a switch close to the door.
  • Doorbell Chime
    • Most people want a doorbell. Pick a location for the chime where it can be heard throughout the house.

Common Options

  • More outlets.
    • Add as many as you'd like.
  • More lights.
    • How many and what kind is up to you here!
  • Switch the lights from all the doorways.
    • Add an extra switch by all of the doorways so you can turn your hall lights on or off from there also.