The Garage


Minimum required:


  • One GFCI protected outlet per parking stall/space.
    • Your choice of location in the garage. Must be at least 18 inches above the floor, commonly placed at 4' to the top of the outlet.


  • One wall switch controlled light.
    • Your choice of light and switch location.
  • If you have a man door.
    • You need a switch controlled light for illumination outside of the door. Switch and light must both be close to the door.

In my example:

  • The furnace is in the garage.
    • If your furnace is like this, the circuit breaker in your panel can serve as the disconnect for the furnace, as it is " within sight". If your furnace is located somewhere else, you may need a disconnect and lighting in that location.
  • Door opener outlet.
    • You'll need this in the ceiling if you're going to have an automatic garage door opener!
  • Two Lights
    • This is a common layout. You can add as many as you like, and put them wherever you want!
  • Lights on the front of the garage.
    • Common practice is one coach light on each side of the garage door.

Common Options

  • More outlets.
    • Add as many as you'd like, just be sure they're all above 18" and if they are for general use they must be GFCI protected.
  • Freezer/extra refrigerator outlet(s).
    • These don't need to be GFCI protected if the appliance sits directly in front of them. Use a single outlet instead of a duplex style and label them as "Not GFCI Protected".
  • Switch the garage lights from both doors.
    • If you have an outside man door, add an extra switch by it so you can turn your garage lights on or off from there also.