The Dinning Room

Dinning Room

Minimum required:


  • Wall outlets.
    • Any wall 24" or longer requires an outlet. Within 6' of the start of a wall (at a doorway or the beginning of the wall, and the non-sliding portion of the sliding glass door and the entire window counts as wall space), then not more than 12' between them. These outlets must be on a 20 amp circuit and can be on the same circuit as your kitchen counter outlets, but do not require GFCI protection unless they are within six feet of a sink. The outlets and lights in this room do require AFCI protection.


  • One wall switch controlled light or outlet.
    • Your choice of light and switch location.
  • If you have a man door as in my example:
    • You need a switch controlled light outside the door. Switch and light must both be close to the door.

In my example:

  • Outside outlet.
    • You need to have at least one outside outlet in or by the front of the house and one in or by the back of the house, this is a common location for ease of wiring. This outlet requires GFCI protection, and can not be on the kitchen counter or dinning room outlet circuit!

Common Options

  • More outlets.
    • Add as many as you'd like.
  • More lights.
    • It's up to you. Pendant fixtures or chandeliers are common, just remember, if it will weigh more than 35 pounds, it will require a special box.
  • Ceiling Paddle Fan.
    • Just make sure you use the proper box!
  • Switch the lights from multiple places.
    • Add an extra switch in another location so you can turn your lights on or off from there also.