Special Use Boxes

Adjustable depth boxes

adjustable boxThese are great for kitchens/baths where you might install tile. You can adjust them in or out later to flush out with the face of the tile.

Front bracket box

Front bracket boxGood for use in tight spaces where you can't drive the nails in a nail-on box or where you need to cut into a shear wall.

Ceiling fan box

ceiling fan boxYou must use a box rated for the purpose if you are going to install a ceiling paddle fan. These boxes are also good whenever you plan on installing a fixture weighing more than 35 pounds.

Recessed can lights

Can light rough-in Can light trimRecessed can lights come in sizes from 3" to 7" and have become really popular. I have just a few notes about them: The trims are rough-in can specific, it's a good idea to just buy the trims at the same time as the rough-in cans (sometimes you can get them in a kit), just to make sure you get the correct ones. If you will be installing the light in a ceiling that will be filled with insulation, you need to make sure the light is "IC" rated.