The Laundry Room


Minimum required:


  • Washer Outlet.
    • One outlet, on a dedicated 20 amp circuit, for the washer.
  • Dryer outlet.
    • One 30 amp, 240 volt outlet for the dryer.


  • One wall switch controlled light.
    • Your choice of light and switch location.

In my example:

  • Counter top outlet.
    • If this outlet is within 6' of the sink, it needs to be GFCI protected.
  • 3 Way Switching
    • Use this so you can switch the lights on or off from either entrance.

Common Options

  • More outlets.
    • Add as many as you'd like, just be sure if they are within 6' of the sink they are GFCI protected.
  • More lights.
    • It's up to you.
  • Ironing Board.
    • Dedicated 20 amp circuit.
  • Ceiling exhaust fan. (may be required in some areas)
    • Normally switched in the same location as the light(s).