Large Circuits

Common Circuits

  • Electric Range
    • If you have an electric range, find the proper wire size for your range in my wire size table (a standard, drop-in or slide-in range requires a 50 amp, 4 wire circuit).
  • Gas Range
    • You'll have to check on this. Some gas ranges only require power for the igniter and this can be supplied from a regular kitchen circuit, others require power for the oven and need a large dedicated circuit.
  • Oven/Double Oven
    • Check the size. Most require a 30 amp circuit and hard-wire into the back.
  • Electric Furnace
    • Check the size and requirements. Some require 2 circuits and some require copper wire only.
  • Gas Furnace
    • Will require a dedicated 15 amp circuit.
  • Air Conditioner/Heat Pump
    • Need to know the size and location. Will require some type of disconnect.
  • Electric Dryer
    • Most will require a 30 amp 4 wire circuit.
  • Gas Dryer
    • Do your homework! Some dryers, even though they are gas, still require a large circuit because of the drum motor.
  • Electric Water Heater
    • Most standard tank-types require a 30 amp, 3 wire circuit. On-demand electric ones can require large, multi-circuit feeds.
  • Gas Water Heater
    • No power usually required.
  • Wall Heaters
    • Heaters such as Cadet, King, or baseboard heaters vary. They may run on 120 or 240 volts depending on the unit, and can take anywhere from 300 to 4000 watts. If you have the capacity on the circuit, you can connect multiple units.

Other Circuits

  • Don't forget about any other large circuits (hot tub, shop power, etc.). Even if you don't have these things yet, if there's a chance you will add them in the future now is a good time to stub a feed out for them.

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