General Use Circuits


Before I get to the numbers and specifics, let me hit on a few points:

    • Only you know what you will be using in the area. If it is an area you know you will have a lot of stuff plugged-in and/or turned on at the same time, don't put as many receptacles and/or lights on the circuit.
    • It's better to be light than heavy. When figuring your circuits, leave some extra space. Just because you can put three or maybe even four rooms on a circuit doesn't mean you have to! Think about the future, what if you want to add a light later? It will be much harder if your circuit is maxed out already.
    • Think logically and keep things organized. Make it easy on yourself! It's usually much easier to keep areas grouped together instead of jumping across the house with a circuit just because you have some capacity left on it.
    • Don't go overboard! I know, you're thinking "but you just said..."! Just hold on a minute. Like I said before, think logically. Keep in mind that most electrical panels only have 42 spaces. While it's good practice to keep things on the lighter side, not every room needs its own circuit. Again, think about what the usage of the area will be and how much you will be plugging in and turning on at the same time.

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